Wastewater Treatment Municipal Services

We have a dedicated team of experienced individuals who’s main focus is to ensure our customers are provided with everything they need to succeed.

Chemstream offers solutions to everyday problems as well as unforeseen, uncommon and complex problems.  Our outside sales team is backed by an inhouse laboratory staffed with chemical engineers focusing on optimizing product selection and combatting issues that arise through an everchanging environment.

Along with all of the experience and problem solving solution we offer below is a brief overview of some of our products and services:

  • Full line of wastewater and water chemicals (Non-NSF and NSF certified products)
  • Pumps
  • Flow Meters
  • Bulk and Mini-bulk tanks and complete setups
  • Automated and Non-Automated treatment systems
  • Service technicians for maintenance issues
  • system installations and old system removals
  • Emergency delivery services
  • Flatbed
  • Box Truck and Van Trailer deliveries with lift gate service
  • Packaging sizes ranging from pails
  • drum totes
  • to mini-bulk and bulk
ChemLiquid 252
ChemLiquid 250
ChemLiquid 202
ChemLiquid 200
AlkaLime 380
EverFloc 200W
ChemProx 500/350
Foam Free