Stimulation | Completion

Chemstream offers a complete line of oilfield chemicals and services for hydraulic fracturing, frac plug drill outs, production wells and disposal wells.

The benefits of these anionic and cationic FR options are so prevalent, that we are offering complimentary totes for stage evaluations to all new clients that wish to trial them. Chemstream’s ability to source, test, deliver, and support all of the chemicals used in the stimulations process is unparalleled throughout the Marcellus and Utica Shale, and beyond. Comprehensive system knowledge, water analyses, geochemical modeling, and microbiocide efficacy studies allow Chemstream to optimize your proper frac fluid design.

Contact our office to get:

  • Detailed FR and Viscosity Data
  • Example pressure plots that will confirm chemical costs/stage all at lower pumping pressures and higher treatment rates
  • Links to independent announcements for this chemistry
  • Complimentary lab testing to demonstrate the cost saving benefits associated with our optimal frac fluid designs
  • Complimentary totes of chemicals for stage evaluations on your pads with your water quality

To enhance well production, Chemstream can also provide inhibited and non-inhibited Propylene Glycol, Ethylene Glycol, Triethylene Glycol, and 50:50.

Friction Reducer

Chemstream’s Viscosifying Nano Dispersion FR chemistries have out-performed all conventional emulsions, dry, and slurry friction reducers on 5000+ stages with 7+ E&P companies in the Appalachian basin since 2018. The benefits are so pronounced, that we are offering complimentary totes for stage evaluations.

Scale Control

Chemstream has developed a comprehensive scale control chemical treatment program for the Hydraulic Fracturing Process. We use your water analyses and software specific to down hole applications to predict which scale species would form, and then confirm the proper scale control chemical selection and loading. We also use a Dynamic Scale Loop/tube-blocking scale evaluation equipment to confirm that our products work effectively in your water sources. Chemstream can also test the flowback to evaluate divalent cation concentrations and test for other scaling species of concern. We will conduct sequential flowback analyses to confirm program efficacy.


Chemstream carries a complete line of broad-spectrum microbiocides for oilfield applications. Our comprehensive lab support and biocide efficacy studies allow us to confirm and administer the proper biocide selection at the proper loading. Proper disinfection of your frac water source(s) provides a cleaner more permeable formation, eliminates damage of the equipment due to bacteria, and enhances the quality of the oil/gas generated on location.

Clay Control

Chemstream can provide a complete cuttings analysis that would include not only mineralogy, but clay content and composition. If there are no swelling or migrating clay species, we can confirm that clay control chemistries are not beneficial. If potentially harmful clays are present in your cuttings, capillary suction time testing will allow us to optimize the proper clay stabilization program.


Chemstream has complete and novel approach to microemulsion and surfactant chemistries to compliment the total frac fluid design. We can use reservoir/quarried core and cuttings to demonstrate regain permeability and lower break-through pressure. Whether the need is for a simple NE (Non-Emulsifier) and a state-of-the-art microemulsion, Chemstream can perform exceptional lab support that will confirm the benefits of our programs. Powerful solvents and unique surfactant/co-surfactant system will promote hydrocarbon mobility and provide a cleaner finished product.



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