Injection | Disposal Well

Chemstream specializes in chemicals and services which support the injection well industry.

Our experienced representatives can conduct a no cost/no obligation audit of your salt water disposal well system and determine when chemical treatment would:

  • Improve system cleanliness
  • Protect formation permeability
  • Increase capture of free and emulsified oils
  • Enhance the injection profile
  • Reduce pumping pressure and time periods

With the results from Chemstream’s detailed lab analyses, we can offer the following products:

Scale Inhibitor

Use water analyses and software specific to down-hole applications to predict which scale species would form, and then administer the proper scale control chemical selection and loading.

Microbiological Control

Utilize comprehensive lab support and biocide efficacy studies to administer the proper biocide at the proper loading – allowing for a cleaner, more permeable formation, and eliminates damage of the equipment due to bacteria.

Gel Breakers

Offer both powdered and liquid viscosity breakers to reduce filter plugging, injection pressures, and enhance overall system performance.

Corrosion Inhibitors


Clay Stabilizers

Once implemented, Chemstream’s programs include proper dispensing equipment, delivery, set-up and on-site operator training services which allow operators to conduct water evaluations to confirm chemical selection, feed points, and loadings. We recommend mechanical improvements to minimize filter change outs and allow your system to operate at a lower pressure. Please visit our Lab Services page by clicking on the icon below to learn more.