Oil & Gas

The shale revolution has transformed the United States into the world’s top oil and gas producer and a leading exporter of fuels.  Horizontal drilling coupled with hydraulic fracturing have allowed for this increased production to be possible.  These new technologies have permitted oil and gas operators to drill deeper and extract more resources from each wellbore.  It is a result of these new extraction techniques that there has become greater demand for cutting-edge chemical solutions.

Whether it is optimizing friction reducers needed for hydraulic fracturing or finding the right corrosion control need for pipeline asset integrity, these challenges are uniquely complex and require innovative solutions.  Chemstream has a proven track record of managing the challenges of the oil and gas industry.  Our commitment to research and development ensures that we are always on the forefront of the technologies needed to continue pushing the limits. Chemstream offers a complete line of oilfield chemicals and services for drilling, completion, production, midstream, and saltwater disposal.

Our Innovative Portfolio Includes the Following Products and Solutions: