Clean water is a necessity for humans, and while the human population grows, the demand for water grows. Since water is a finite resource and used water must be treated to continuously serve end-users, water treatment systems are vital.

Water treatment systems help in removing contaminants and hazardous substances from the water, making it clean and safe to drink, and used for other purposes. Unfortunately, almost 2 billion people in the world use either untreated drinking water or get water from unsafe or contaminated sources.

For more than 25 years municipal wastewater plants and drinking-water plants across the country have relied on Chemstream to help them optimize their water treatment processes. Chemstream offers solutions to everyday problems as well as unforeseen, uncommon, and complex problems. Our outside sales team utilizes an in-house laboratory staffed with chemical engineers focusing on optimizing product selection and combating issues that arise in an ever-changing environment.

Chemstream provides the following solutions to optimize water treatment processes: