Dust Suppression | Process

Chemstream’s D-Dust products are engineered to fit your exact dust suppression needs.

Our extensive experience in dust suppression will help you select the right product, proper injection equipment and most convenient product package. Our underground dust suppression products will reduce the fugitive dust at the mine face and ultimately make your employees work environment safer.

Dust Suppression Products and Equipment

Chemstream has a collection of high-performance products that are customized to fit your exact dust suppression needs. Chemstream can inject D-Dust directly into the mine water system in either individual sections or in a mine wide format.

Chemstream is capable of custom blending its products to meet your specific needs. Click the “Contact Us” tab at the top of the page for more information.

D-Dust LLF
D-Dust Red
D-Dust Super Red
D-Dust 3LF