Cooling Towers

Chemstream provides a complete line of specialty cooling water treatment chemicals to ensure critical heat transfer equipment is maintained in a clean and efficient manner.

We conduct a complete system audit and recommend custom chemical formulations to minimize corrosion, prevent scaling/deposition, and keep your systems free from harmful microorganisms. Contact your Chemstream representative or request a free water analysis on this website to receive a system audit with no cost or obligation. Find out how Chemstream can improve your cooling system performance and reduce treatment costs today.

Corrosion and Scale Inhibitors

Chemstream uses a blend of phosphates/phosphonates and polymers and copolymers, which allow for proper corrosion protection on all system metallurgies and eliminates scale build-up throughout the system. A detailed system audit and proper water analyses allow us to recommend and maintain the most cost-effective treatment programs.


Chemstream has a complete line of broad-spectrum microbiocides to ensure your cooling water system is not at risk from harmful aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. Our team of experts conducts microbiocide efficacy studies to determine the most appropriate biocide selection and proper dosage to maintain a bacteria-reduced/free system. Routine service visits and on-going testing allows us to optimize not only the proper biocide, but the appropriate feed rate to mitigate microbiological concerns.


Some cooling water systems can be prone to foaming due to a variety of reasons. Chemstream can conduct a thorough analysis to determine the cause of these system upsets, and recommend either mechanical and/or chemical solutions to mitigate these issues.


The strength of a Chemstream treatment program is in our service and attention to details. Our experienced representatives are equipped to monitor the system parameters, run appropriate water testing, and train your operators to make adjustments to maintain a superior water treatment approach. We routinely use corrosion monitoring, water analysis, scale modeling software, and microbiological testing to ensure that your cooling system is maintained in a clean and efficient manner.