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Chemstream offers a complete line of oilfield chemicals and services for production, completion and disposal. Our experienced staff can conduct a no obligation system audit to provide the right solution to ensure optimal well production levels, the proper frac fluid design and ability to determine if, or when chemical treatment would improve system cleanliness and/or information permeability.


Chemstream is the leader in Environmental treatment solutions throughout the United States for the mining industry. Innovative application methods, automated treatment systems as well as customized product tailoring set us apart. We utilize our advanced laboratory to recommend, provide and implement the most effective solutions for our mining customers.


Chemstream provides specialized chemicals and customized programs for water treatment solutions. We accomplish this my implementing dedicated industry specialist who work with our field engineers and chemical engineers to develop and implement programs for your industry's unique needs.


Chemtream offers a complete product line for drinking water, waste water and general municipal chemical needs. We also provide complete automated/non automated injection systems in conjunction with our mini bulk tank setups. We are your one stop for new system setups, replacement systems and chemical needs. We provide problem solving solutions through our in house laboratory and experienced engineering team.




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