Chemstream provides a complete line of boiler water treatment chemicals supported by a staff of experienced service representatives. Members of our service team have commissioned boilers and inspected both the water-side and fire-side of boilers throughout the world. We can recommend the proper pre-boiler, boiler, and after-boiler treatment chemistries and set up the proper chemical feed and system blow down equipment. Our thorough knowledge, both in the mechanical and chemical aspects of a boiler program, provides you a dual perspective for a comprehensive boiler water treatment program.

Boiler Pretreatment
Chemstream maintains a strong emphasis on pre-boiler equipment efficiency. We evaluate the ion exchange system - whether it is a simple sodium zeolite system, or a more defined mixed bed ion exchange approach. Our professionals can conduct a free resin analysis and recommend an appropriate cleaner when necessary or provide replacement media if appropriate. Deaerator monitoring and inspections will allow Chemstream to recommend the most responsible mechanical adjustments to maintain efficient system performance. Chemstream can also provide the proper chemical oxygen scavengers and proper feed point to ensure no oxygen damage will occur in the boilers.

Resin Analysis/Replacement - Chemstream will conduct a free inspection of your ion exchange system and a no-cost evaluation of your resin media. Our team can also conduct an elution study, recommend resin cleaners, and facilitate resin replacement when necessary to keep your essential pretreatment equipment operating properly.

Resin Cleaners - Chemstream has a complete line of resin cleaners. Based upon a resin analysis, we can recommend both off-line batch treatments of resins and/or on-line continuous resin cleaners.

Oxygen Scavengers - Chemstream offers a complete line of oxygen scavenger technologies. Our trained professionals will conduct a thorough system survey and recommend the optimal chemistry and feed points, along with the proper treatment residual range to eliminate “oxygen pitting” on boiler internal metal surfaces.

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Internal Boiler Treatment
Chemstream can provide a comprehensive line of boiler water treatment programs. Depending on pretreatment equipment efficiency and current boiler internal conditions, we can prepare a program, which will allow for the most cost/effective approach to your system requirements. Based upon ASTM standards, Chemstream targets the appropriate treatment residuals which correspond to the specifics of your system. Trained Chemstream personnel conduct routine on-site services to monitor water quality, make adjustments, and train your operators to ensure a complete and comprehensive boiler water treatment program.

Phosphate/Polymer - Chemstream utilizes a complete line of conventional phosphate/polymer internal boiler water treatment programs. When a controlled precipitation program is the best approach for your system, we can recommend the proper residual range and testing to ensure that a phosphate/polymer program is providing you with optimal performance benefits.

All Polymer - When boiler internal cleanliness is of most concern and pretreatment equipment is efficient, the newer all polymer treatments programs would be the best recommendation for your boiler water treatment needs. Chemstream will conduct a proper system audit and recommend this chemical approach when appropriate.

Chelants - Chemstream has a complete chelant and chelant/polymer product line. We can recommend proper system chemistry and provide strong operator training in order to utilize a chelant program for internal boiler treatment.

Condensate System Treatment
Chemstream provides a comprehensive treatment approach for boiler condensate systems. We conduct a thorough evaluation of your after-boiler system and collect condensate water samples throughout the system for evaluation. Based upon our findings, we recommend the proper treatment chemicals, feed point(s), monitoring, and training to provide optimal results at the lowest possible cost.

Neutralizing Amines - Chemstream carries a full line of neutralizing amines. We can blend individual components in ratios specific to your system requirements and metallurgy for complete pH protection and minimize system corrosion.

Filming Amines - When condensate systems benefit from a filming amine program, or a filming/neutralizing amine approach, Chemstream can recommend the appropriate chemical selection to best suite your system requirements.