Chemstream has the ability to source, test, deliver and support many of the chemicals used in the hydrofracturing process. Using comprehensive system knowledge, water analysis and geochemical modeling in the region, Chemstream can help you choose the proper frac fluid design. Contact our office to get a no-obligation assessment of your frac chemical program and our cost saving ideas.

Friction Reducer - Chemstream can source FR from all major nation and international manufacturers. Our knowledge of frac water sources/quality allows us to recommend the most appropriate FR for your needs. We can store product and then deliver to location when necessary to optimize product availability.

Scale Control - Chemstream has developed a comprehensive scale control chemical treatment program for the hydrofracturing process. We use water analyses and software specific to down hole applications to predict which scale species would form, and then administer the proper scale control chemical selection and loading. We also use tube-blocking scale evaluation equipment to confirm that our products work effectively in your water sources. Chemstream can also test the flowback to evaluate divalent cation concentrations and test for other scaling species of concern. We can conduct sequential flowback analyses to confirm program efficacy.

Microbiocides - Chemstream carries a complete line of microbiocides for oilfield requirements. Our comprehensive lab support and biocide efficacy studies allow us to administer the proper biocide at the proper loading. This allows for a cleaner more permeable formation, and eliminates damage of the equipment due to bacteria, and enhances the quality of the oil/gas generated on location.

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