Ice can wreak havoc on conveyer belt systems. With Chemstream’s de-icing compounds and anti-icing system, a specific freeze conditioning solution is applied to the conveyer belt under low pressure through precisely configured spray nozzles. This innovative process will keep conveyer belts and transfer points operating freely during the harshest winter conditions.


FreezeFree System
The fully adjustable FreezeFree system utilizes anti-icing chemicals with an effective, yet cost-efficient pumping module which allows your conveyer system to operate properly during the harshest weather conditions.

The system includes spray nozzles that can be mounted downward on a belt tail or upward against the underside of the belt. The control module's remote bulb thermostat regulates the pump to ensure and accurate disbursement of anti-icing solution.

FreezeFree Products
Chemstream offers a selection of FreezeFree of salt-based, glycerin-based and glycol-based products for various applications.


FreezeFree 500
FreezeFree 1000
FreezeFree 1010


FreezeFree 2500


FreezeFree 2007

Other Products

FreezeFree 510

A proprietary blend of freeze conditioning agents

Atomic Heat

A non-corrosive, powerful de-icer with a very low freezing point

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