In the winter months, frozen coal can slow down the loading process, increase your delivery costs and potentially contribute to uneven weight issues and accidents. Fortunately, Chemstream offers a customized system and a complete line of freeze conditioning products to maintain operational efficiencies and delivery costs.


FreezeFree System
The fully adjustable FreezeFree system utilizes patented anti-icing chemicals with an effective, yet cost-efficient pumping module which allows your conveyer system to operate properly during the harshest weather conditions.

The system includes spray nozzles that can be mounted downward on a belt tail or upward against the underside of the belt. The control module's remote thermocouple regulates the pump to ensure and accurate disbursement of anti-icing solution. The system is also automatically controlled on and off based on predetermined temperatures. These features ultimately save on chemical and manpower.

FreezeFree Products
Chemstream offers a selection of FreezeFree of salt-based, glycerin-based and glycol-based products for various applications.


FreezeFree 500
FreezeFree 1000
FreezeFree 1010


FreezeFree 2500


FreezeFree 2007

Other Products

FreezeFree 510

A proprietary blend of freeze conditioning agents

Atomic Heat

A non-corrosive, powerful de-icer with a very low freezing point

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