Enviormine, now owned an operated by Chemstream, remains a leader in the water treatment business throughout the mining industry. We supply several patented chemicals to address your specific needs.

CF-1 - a proprietary PAC blend used to treat for suspended solids (clays, sediment, coal fines), as well as dissolved iron in alkaline water.

CF-36 - an anionic solution polymer that rapidly settles suspended metals (iron, manganese, aluminum). This product can also be used as a secondary coagulant in conjunction with CF-1 to quickly settle suspended solids when retention time is low.

CF-36X - a cost-effective, unique hard water scale inhibitor that prevents outfall stream staining, while keeping discharges in compliance.

Selenium Guard Stage 1 – As a proprietary, patent pending blend, this product is capable of remediating both selenate and selenite to non-detect levels. Selenium Guard takes up less space and is a fraction of the cost compared to other selenium remediation technologies.

AMD Treatment – A dual oxidizer that raises pH and oxidizes metals to effectively reach outfall compliance.

AMD-4 – This product is a more powerful dual oxidizer than AMD Treatment for unique situations which may require unique chemistry. AMD-4 quickly raises pH and remediates dissolved metals.