Dust can have a significant impact on employees’ health, productivity and operational and maintenance costs. Chemstream has been a leader in the dust suppression industry by offering clients a choice of different D-Dust products that can match the coal/quartz dust conditions found underground.

Chemstream’s D-Dust products are engineered to fit your exact dust suppression needs.  Our extensive experience in dust suppression will help you select the right product, proper injection equipment and most convenient product package. 

How It Works
The addition of Chemstream products to a water system reduces the respirable dust generated at the face by up to 40%. Used in conjunction with the mine water system, it significantly enhances the suppression of dust, thereby lowering the airborne fugitive dust in the mine.

Coal is a hydrophobic material, which causes it to repel water. D-Dust is a unique blend of specialized surfactants that lower the surface tension and the contact angle of the water allowing the water to more effectively wet the surface of suspended coal particles. Improving the wetting characteristics of the water allow the dust particles to become adsorbed and entrained into the water droplets, thereby reducing dust.


  • Improved Work Environment – The use of D-Dust products in underground operations has made significant improvements on the overall workplace environment. Because airborne fugitive dust is reduced, visibility is greatly improved for more efficient production and enhanced safety for miners.
  • Improved Equipment Performance – D-Dust products also offer an added value to underground operations through enhanced equipment performance.  Our products unique chemical ingredients allow for spray nozzles and electric motor cooling jackets to stay clean and reduce build-up of scale, silt and other sediments in the operations piping system.  Belts and belt scrapers work more effectively and remain cleaner with less water, enhancing the dust suppression without flooding the belt. 



Dust Suppression Products and Equipment
Chemstream has a collection of high-performance products that are customized to fit your exact dust suppression needs. These products also are engineered to keep your conveyor belts running cleaner, while eliminating scale, sludge and sediment from your water system.

Dust Suppression Products

D-Dust LLF

This low-foaming cationic surfactant is scrubber friendly. It also reduces potential foaming in the cleaning plant. It targets both coal and quartz dust. Dust reduction is 20% - 40%%. Use range is 1:1500 to 1:2000 product to water ratios.

D-Dust 3LF. Similar to D-Dust LLF, but with an even lower foaming formula. It targets both coal and quartz dust. Dust reduction is 20% - 40%. Use range is 1:1500 to 1:2000 product to water ratios.

D-Dust Red

A higher wetting cationic surfactant specially formulated to suppress quartz dust and coal dust. Dust reduction is 20% - 40%. Use range is typically 1:2000 to 1:3000 product to water ratios.

D-Dust Super Red

Our strongest dust suppressant. The specialized cationic charge targets quartz dust and is also highly effective at eliminating coal dust as well. Dust reduction is 20% - 40%. Use range is typically 1:2000 to 1:6000 product to water ratios.

ChemSuppress RDS

A unique road dust suppressant for use underground, at surface mines, haul roads and around stockpiles and loadouts. ChemSuppress eliminates the need for constant road watering and will aid in compacting and binding the road surface.

Dust Suppression Equipment
Chemstream can inject D-Dust directly into the mine water system in either individual sections or in a mine wide format.

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