Acid Mine Drainage (AMD)

Enviromine, now owned and operated by Chemstream, remains a leader in the water treatment business throughout the mining industry.

The Chemstream/Enviromine approach is to offers clients a combination of specialized chemicals and patented water treatment equipment to enhance efficiency and lower costs. Chemstream’s system survey process ensures that your water treatment problem is handled in a thorough and professional manner from start to finish. We are proud to offer the best-in-the-industry:

  • Outfall Water Quality Compliance
  • Cost/Effective Metals Removal
  • Optimal Selenium Mitigation Programs
  • Discharge Stream-Bed Staining Alleviation

Treatment Program
Our comprehensive location survey and lab support conducted by experienced personnel allows us to provide you with the most cost/effective treatment solutions for your process. Chemstream will perform a no-cost system evaluation and provide recommendations to resolve your water treatment situations and provide recommendations that enable you to be in compliance at the lowest possible cost.

Water source/quality - Underground or mine pool water is generally oxygen-depleted and contains high levels of dissolved carbon dioxide, which increases acidity, lowers pH, and increases chemical demand. This situation increases the concentration of dissolved metals in your water sources. We will analyze and propose the best treatment options for outfall compliance.

Aeration - Water with elevated levels of carbon dioxide acidity will benefit by aeration prior to chemical treatment. Off gassing the carbon dioxide will reduce the acidity of the water, thus reducing the consumption of alkaline pH treatment chemicals.

Treatment - Chemstream can supply liquid caustic soda at various concentrations as an alkaline treatment choice to effectively raise pH to achieve effluent compliance. Chemstream also has a full line of flocculants and coagulants that can aid in the removal of suspended metals and/or clays. These products will increase floc size thus decrease settling time allowing for a cleaner discharge.

Retention - Maximizing the surface area of a pond to increase the retention time of the water and will allow for lower contaminates in the discharge. Chemstream can provide pond partitions/curtains built and sized custom for your pond. Using pond curtains will also decrease the dissipation energy of the water allowing the floc to grow larger and entrain more particulate upon sedimentation.

Monitoring - Chemstream installs and maintains state-of-the-art monitoring systems that utilize pH sensors, PLC's, and wireless router modems that allow the pH and other parameters to be viewed remotely on your computer. In addition, our system can increase or decrease the chemical feed rates as the flow rate of the water varies. This promotes consistent water treatment results and clarified water that is in compliance all at lower treatment economics.

We supply several patented chemicals and innovative feed equipment designs to address your specific needs.

CF-1 - is a proprietary PAC blend used to treat for suspended solids (clays, sediment, coal fines), as well as dissolved metals.

CF-36 - is an anionic solution polymer that improves floc size and integrity thus promoting rapid settling of suspended metals (iron, manganese, aluminum). This product can also be used as a secondary coagulant/coagulant aid in conjunction with CF-1 to quickly settle suspended solids when retention time is low.

CF-36X - is a cost-effective, unique hard water scale inhibitor that prevents outfall stream staining, while keeping discharge water quality in compliance. Please click on the learn more link to view images and more detailed information.

Selenium Guard Stage 1 – is a proprietary, patent pending blend, that is capable of remediating both selenate and selenite to non-detectable levels. The Chemstream/Enviromine Selenium Guard program requires less space and is a fraction of the cost compared to other selenium remediation technologies. Please click on the learn more link to get more detailed information.

Specialty Treatment Programs

AMD Treatment – A dual oxidizer that raises pH and oxidizes metals to effectively reach outfall compliance. Contact the Chemstream/Enviromine office or representative near you for more detailed information.

AMD-4 – This product is a more powerful dual oxidizer than AMD Treatment for unique situations which may require unique chemistry. AMD-4 quickly raises pH and remediates dissolved metals. Again, please contact the Chemstream/Enviromine office or representative near you for more detailed information.


Water Treatment Products and Equipment

Chemstream offers a full line of innovative products and equipment to resolve various water treatment projects.


Product Sheets

pH Adjustment

ChemLiquid 252

This innovative product is a powerful, highly alkaline enhanced liquid caustic soda that is designed to treat acid mine drainage. It rapidly elevates pH and precipitates iron, manganese and aluminum.

ChemLiquid 250

As a high quality, 25% sodium hydroxide solution, this product is extremely effective at raising pH and precipitating metals.

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ChemLiquid 202

The 20% sodium hydroxide variation of ChemLiquid 252. Enhanced liquid caustic soda designed to treat acid mine drainage. Elevates pH and precipitates iron, manganese and aluminum.

ChemLiquid 200

As a high quality, 20% sodium hydroxide solution, this product is extremely effective at raising pH and precipitating metals

C-Cid 500

An environmentally-friendly product that will reduce elevated pH levels.

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AlkaLime 380


EverFloc 200W

This coagulant is a concentrated liquid that offers rapid water clarification by agglomerating brown, red and gray clays. It has been proven to be extremely effective in clarifying turbidity from run-off water in a variety of applications.


Chemstream offers several LiquiFloc products with differing charges that can target metals and/or clays. LiquiFloc is used after an alkaline treatment to increase settling and improve clarity. LiquiFloc can be applied as a liquid or as a gel log. The gel logs can be contained in a stainless steel basket that is a simple, yet effective way to dispense flocculant into a discharge water flow. The basket offers a long-lasting and inexpensive alternative to dispensing polymer.

Other Products

ChemProx 500/350

Chemstream offers both 50% and 35% hydrogen peroxide for treating acid mine drainage and waste water. With the correct water quality, hydrogen peroxide is extremely efficient and cost effective at targeting dissolved iron. When compared to lime, hydrogen peroxide can often times provide cost savings in as little as six months.


Chemstream also offers a wide range of potassium and sodium permanganate solutions that will help oxidize iron and manganese and often allow the customer to treat to a lower pH and use less alkaline product.

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